We, or designated third parties, in addition to any data that you decide to submit to us, might utilize a combination of methods that cache or pass data already kept on your computer, laptop, tablet or mobile phone (each known as a “device”) whenever you visit or interact with our website or applications.

Cookies are text files containing small pieces of data. They are placed on a device when a user visits a website and can be of a temporary nature or permanent. Cookies can also be first-party (we place them on your device) or from a third-party (usually an advertiser or advertisements server).

Cookies Fair Affiliate might use to keep or access information include but are not limited to:
















Fair Affiliate










Shows if the User has viewed/approved the cookie notice popup 




Fair Affiliate










Remembers username for three months. Cookie resets to three more months the moment a successful login attempt is made. 









Different types of Google Analytics cookies





Browse list here: 







Google’s free Google Analytics opt-out tool is available at:  https://support.google.com/analytics/answer/181881?hl=en




Fair Affiliate employs both of the types of the aforementioned cookies. We use session cookies which expire after each session and as soon as you close your browser. We also use persistent cookies which remain on your device longer. Fair Affiliate cookies gather specific data about the device you are using. The information collected includes your device’s IP Address, browser and operating system specifications, but no personal details (your name, email address, or phone number).  

First-party cookies are installed on devices that access Fair Affiliate’s website. Fair Affiliate does not install first-party cookies when their installation is turned off in the browser of the device. Fair Affiliate’s first-party cookies provide an optimal user experience and ensure the website operates as planned. Sometimes, Fair Affiliate must install cookies to provide the services demanded by visitors of its website. For instance, allowing first-party cookies is needed when logging into your Fair Affiliate account. These first-party cookies support the login procedure and are essential for the login process.

Third-party cookies are installed on devices that access the Fair Affiliate websites too. Fair Affiliate does not install third-party cookies when their installation is disabled in the browser of the device used to access the website. Fair Affiliate uses third-party cookies to evaluate and enhance how our websites, offerings, and promotions perform. Fair Affiliate also employs web analytics services, such as Google Analytics, in order to better understand users’ interests. We also use these web analytics services to advertise our products and services, as well as for other business objectives.

Get more about how Google Analytics collects and uses data at: https://policies.google.com/technologies/ads?hl=en-US,

Learn more about Google’s free Google Analytics opt-out tool at https://support.google.com/analytics/answer/181881?hl=en.

You can exclude the installation of cookies or delete previously installed ones, by revising your browser settings (the browser you used to visit Fair Affiliate websites). Bear in mind, though, that cookies enable optimal performance of our websites. They are needed for some Fair Affiliate features to operate properly. By accessing and using Fair Affiliate’s websites and applications, you agree that Fair Affiliate can install cookies as described in this Policy.