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Become a certified affiliate or an accredited affiliate network! Show your partners that your company or organization contributes to fair trade and will add value to their brand. Build lasting relations and stand out as a reliable and trustworthy partner!

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Show companies you are a dependable business partner and work with industry leaders. With the Fair Affiliate certificate, you elevate your company’s profile and become the stand-out candidate top businesses aspire to partner with. Be certified and seize each opportunity that comes your way!

Advertising Legit Businesses and Products

Ensuring Intellectual Property and Copyright Protection

Ensuring Fair Trade and No Spamming

Providing Information Beyond Ads and Links

Professionalism In Business Activities

Not Using Malicious Search Engine Optimization Techniques

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Benefit from your fair trade certified status and land the best business opportunities! The Fair Affiliate certificate tells others you are a trustworthy and diligent business or network. Get certified and boost your traffic and chances of success!

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Sign up for a Fair Affiliate certificate and feel the benefits of running certified businesses and networks!

  • Show everyone that you are a reliable and trustworthy affiliate or affiliate network
  • Partner up with the biggest names in the industry
  • Boost your company’s performance levels
  • Provide added value to your partners
  • Exhibit confidence in what you offer
  • Tell everyone that your company never stops improving

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